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PSP Woah? – Tech Radar/T3 PSP Go Hands On
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PSP Woah? – Tech Radar/T3 PSP Go Hands On

by Andrew BryantJuly 24, 2009

PSP Go Hand(s On)Tech Radar has posted a run-down on T3’s hands-on impressions of Sony’s latest handheld.

The latest revision of the portable goes on sale later in the year (just in time for the Christmas rush) and brings with it a revised, smaller form-factor with the controls hidden behind a phone-esque sliding mechanism.

Along with the new design comes a new online strategy (presumably targeting smart-phone users and their application stores rather than its main game competition, the Nintendo DSi) and a large (expandable) amount of on-board flash memory for your games and movies, replacing the need to carry a wad of UMDs with you.

Obligatory article quote –

The verdict? It rocks!

Read the article here, watch the video here and watch this space for more PSP Go news.

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