GDC 2010 – Telltale Games Deluge – Sam & Max 3, Tales DVDs

Like it says on the tin really…

Episode 1 of Sam & Max 3 (or ‘The Devils Playhouse’ if you subscribe to this subtitle nonsense they’re doing) is due April 15th for PC, Mac and, surprisingly, PS3.

It looks like Telltale are finally upping the ante on what their aging engine can output, although whether that’s at the expense of anything else waits to be seen – the first two seasons of Sam & Max look & play decidedly ropey next to what was delivered in Tales of Monkey Island, which is to be expected, but the punishing release schedule must take its toll somewhere.

Speaking of Monkey Island, season owners of can now order their Collectors DVDs.

Two options are available – the standard ‘Collectors DVD’ or the ‘Special Deluxe Edition’, which gives you a slipcase drawn by Steve Purcell (pictured right) and some shiny trinkets to go with your download-cap-mitigating plastic disc.

As promised, people who pre-ordered the season get the fancy slipcase without having to buy the other guff.

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