Cecil-icious: Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Episode 1 Released **UPDATED**

The first episode of ‘Doctor Who : The Adventure Games’ (ugh) has arrived for PC (the Mac version is due on the 15th).

If you’re in the UK, you can get it now, whilst everyone else will have to wait for some sort of retail release – details of which might well be forthcoming in July.  In the mean time, some words from Charles Cecil can be read here, including…

So, here we are, with a week to go before release of ‘City of the Daleks’. This week I played through the game many times, looking for minor tweaks that could be made – and then agreeing with the teams at the BBC and Sumo what could and what could not be changed. Clearly nothing could be done which could threaten the release date. And on Wednesday I had to stop, to let the final testing and master preparation conclude without my interference. I had to let go. And now I wait nervously.

We’ll bring some thoughts once we play it!


MCV carries word from Auntie Beeb that the current release is essentially beta, with tweaks still being made ahead of the ‘official’ release on Saturday after this weekends TV episode.

“We’re testing the system with an almost-final version of ‘City of the Daleks’ ahead of the official release date,” Anwen Aspden, executive producer at BBC Wales, told MCV.

“The reaction so far has been overwhelming, but we’re still investigating whether we should tweak certain elements up to release on 5th June. So whilst those who’ve downloaded and enjoyed it in its current iteration have the advantage of playing through it early, there may be some minor tweaks coming.

“We’re running a launch trailer for the game immediately after Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, that’s when we expect the servers to come under the most strain – we’ll let everyone know if the finished article is available ahead of then.”

Also, CNS can bring you Charles Cecil’s response when asked whether he had any comment on the early release.

Not Really 🙂

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