Project Zomboid Code Theft

Thieves have broken into the high-tech studio (read: bedroom) of the debonair Indie Stone developers, stealing 2 laptops that (unfortunately) contained the only copies of the latest build of the awesome Project Zomboid.

All progress on the game since the last big update has been lost, which is unfortunately the latest in a long line of setbacks for the game.

Of course, what makes this even more newsworthy is the unfortunate community backlash at the incident. Avoid any mention of ‘Project Zomboid’ on reddit if you don’t want to punch your monitor.

Yes, maybe it was a bit stupid to not use one of the many available version control systems for such a large project (especially following the issues with payment processors earlier in the year), something which TIS acknowledge, but there’s also a massive loss of context from some detractors.

For what it’s worth, Chris Simpson (lead developer) has just had *his* personal space invaded. Attacks on him/the team during such a difficult period, especially over a £5 investment in a bedroom indie product, are just despicable.

Will Porter (@batsphinx) released this statement on behalf of the team.

Hi everyone,

Will here, the Project Zomboid writer-guy.

I won’t beat around the bush. The Indie Stone have just suffered a major set-back. The Newcastle flat where Lemmy and Binky live and work was burgled this evening, and so far the clearest things taken are two computers and Lemmy’s credit card.

Project Zomboid was regularly backed up from machine to machine, but rarely – sadly and infuriatingly – externally. We have lost an awful lot of work. Mash and Binky don’t even know this has happened yet.

Chris (Lemmy) is quite distressed to be honest – we’re still dealing with something that was discovered little over an hour ago. After his tweets on the subject we both agreed it’d be best if I wrote a blog here to calm fears. He clearly isn’t able to currently. (It’s also probably worth saying that there were no PZ player personal details etc. on the machines).

This will clearly severely delay the next update, which was very near completion. I personally only just finished my work on it today (one of the final things on the ‘to-do’ list) and had it ready for input tomorrow.

Project Zomboid, however, will come back stronger.

I was going up to Newcastle on Monday for a milestone meeting in any case, but that’s clearly now taken a much more serious turn. In the coming days we will be getting in touch with everyone here, on Facebook, via Desura and wherever else we have tendrils to let people know what’s happening.

During this time we will clearly be asking for the understanding and patience of our community. We are gutted, we are despondent and – most of all – we are sorry that this has thrown yet another bump into the road towards PZ completion. We also REALLY want to wring the neck of the arsehole that did this to us.

More as it happens,


The Indie Stone

If you have any information on the case, please contact Northumbria Police.

CNS wishes TIS well and, if you still consider it worth your while, suggest you buy a copy of the game from the official website.

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