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Lyanna Has Been Generous
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Lyanna Has Been Generous

by Andrew BryantApril 29, 2012

When ruling a fledgling meritocracy in an RTS game, one could do much worse than accept the counsel of the excitable Lady Lyanna and her vast… err… natural resources.

Well, not much…

“Thank you, M’lady!”

“Your gift is very generous, M’lady!”

“Why are you forever cradling your breast, M’lady?”

“Birth, M’lady?”

“You really do have a lot of wood, M’lady?”

“Are you still here, M’lady?”

“Wood? Wood! M’lady…”

“Will you please calm down, M’lady!”

“Someone arrest this crazy woman…  NOW!”

Lord of Ultima is a Free2Play game by EA. It has very little to do with Ultima.

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Andrew Bryant
The resident PC elitist fanatic enthusiast, Andrew’s grim outlook on the industry provides CNS with a hefty dollop of its news content. Oh, and he has managed to convince Barry to let him review stuff too! Hilarity ensues!

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