Wii U

Nintendo Direct News 3/6/12 – Wii U Controller Features announced

Last night Nintendo held a special Pre E3 Nintendo Direct to announce some of the Wii U Features and controller options.

We’ll get to the Wii U Gamepad in a moment, first up they announced a “Pro” Controller which is aimed at multiplatform games and looks suspiciously like an xbox 360 pad.

The Wii U Game Pad now has proper analogue sticks (as opposed to the sliders like on the 3DS) as well as being more curved on the back to make it easier and more comfortable to hold.

There is also a TV button on the pad now which allows you to send the image from your TV to the pad and obviously vice versa and once you switch the Wii U off you can use the gamepad as a TV Remote if you so wish (It’s the future folks!).

There’s also a NFC Chip built into the Gamepad which allows it to read data from chips embedded in cards and figures (watch out Skylanders!).

I suspect we’ll hear more on these features during Nintendo’s E3 Conference on Tuesday.

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