Xbox One

Xbox One announced

Today at their Xbox reveal event, Microsoft lifted the lid on what is now known as the Xbox One.

The console will be released later this year and will include a Blu Ray Drive and a 500GB Hard Drive as well as the new Kinect 2.0  in the box . As well as built in Wi Fi and USB 3.0. I’d bore you with all the other tech specs, but frankly, i don’t understand them and i don’t expect anyone else to be dazzled by them either.

A new controller was shown off that looks like a 3rd Party Xbox 360 pad. It has triggers with their own dedicated feedback and apparently a D-Pad that isn’t shit.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be a launch title for the machine.

The event was a bit of a letdown with Microsoft choosing to focus mainly on the entertainment aspects of the machine (which, while looking good, does anyone particularly care?) rather than the games (however, they will allegedly focus on games at E3).

There was no word on backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 products.

First shots of the console are below and we’ll have the trailers of the games shown at the event for you as soon as possible.


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