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Eurogamer Expo 2013 – Initial Hands On thoughts on XB1, PS4 & More

I had the chance to attend this Years Eurogamer Expo and got hands on time with the Xbox One and PS4 as well as a variety of games.

So without further ado my initial thoughts on what i had hands on time with at the expo:

Xbox One:
  • Pad, lighter than 360 yet not too light.
  • Smaller
  • Rumble on triggers is great – Forza 5 uses it to tell you when to brake for instance
  • Console looks like it has some size to it, but without it being next to a 360, its hard to compare size.


  • Controller is same size as a DS3
  • Back trigger buttons better but still too flimsy feeling
  • Weight of the pad is perfect, about the same as a DS3
  • Console is tiny (especially compared to XB1) and the Camera is very small.


Killzone Shadow Fall

  • Looks great
  • Probably 60fps
  • Multiplayer is fun
  • Doesn’t feel like there’s much new over the previous entries.
Zelda Link Between Worlds
  • New art direction looks really good in motion
  • Becoming a wall drawing is a well implemented idea
  • Controls as you would expect it to
Mario Kart 8
  • Looks like Mario Kart 7 in HD
  • Gamepad controls are fine but feel a bit off to me due to size of gamepad (however I’m assuming that other control options are available)
  • Going upside down is fun, but at least in the level I played it didn’t add much to the game.
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Wall running/jumping adds to the game immensely and is easy to pull off by just moving your camera at an angle
  • Gunplay feels solid
  • Titans are brilliant.
  • Taking down a titan on foot feels satisfying
  • You never feel underpowered, titans don’t really tip the battle in someone’s favour
Sonic Lost World
  • Sonic is slowed down
  • ZR is the Run button – Sonic Walks unless this is pressed.
  • Seems unwieldy, will probably take some getting used to
  • Doesn’t seem to be built for getting through a level as fast as you can – quite the opposite
  • More platformy than previous entries

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