Twitter Spat with ShopTo leaves one user without a PS4 Preorder [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] ShopTo Responds.

UPDATE: ShopTo have issued a Statement, Original Story is below;

Earlier today there was a small misunderstanding with a customer which resulted in his account being cancelled by ourselves, for this we would like to apologise.

Basically, while we were talking to a customer via direct message on twitter regarding the pricing on our PlayStation 4 pre-order bundles, the same customer was also talking to a friend regarding our policy. It was at this point the customer swore while mentioning ‘shopto’ in regards to our decision, however as our staff were talking to this customer at the same time, when our social feed showed the abuse (for social purposes we use tweetdeck to allows us to see anytime the shopto name is mentioned on twitter), the staff took it as being directly made to ShopTo. Further investigation into this matter shows us that the customer was not actually pointing abuse at us, but just talking to his friend, so in this case we have to deeply apologise for being in the wrong.

As a way to make this up to the customer we have offered to restore his account and provide his PS4 pre-order free of charge.

We hope that you understand that we thought this abuse was being aimed at us directly. We cannot tolerate our staff being abused and have to take a stance on this, but since this customer did not aim abuse at us directly we must admit that on this occasion we were in the wrong with regards to the decision to cancel his account.


Having seen the bundle he had preordered now cheaper elsewhere he casually asked ShopTo if they would be price matching. After being told that they wouldn’t be able to price match, @PooWithEyes said to a friend on twitter (with ShopTo’s twitter not inclided in that conversation that he’d be switching his game orders over to Amazon as a “fuck you” to ShopTo.

He was subseqently DM’d (included below) by ShopTo and asked for his account number, following this they informed him that his order would be cancelled and his account closed because they don’t “tolerate customers who can’t interact in an appropriate manner”. Bearing in mind, that he did not at any point include ShopTo in the “fuck you” conversation.

Personally, i believe that ShopTo are in the wrong here and are over reacting to a twitter user. Fair Enough if @PooWithEyes had personally tweeted ShopTo and said “Fuck You” but as he hadn’t then this is a unjustified overreaction.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. We’ve reached out to ShopTo for comment and will update this post if we hear anything.




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