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Loaned Mouse from Razer


Comfortable - Whether Left Handed or Right
Works Well Wired or Wireless



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An Absolutely fantastic mouse, probably one of the best Gaming Mice i've ever used, Price is steep but if you're willing to spend that on a mouse you will not be disappointed.

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Barry Hodgson reviews what could possibly be, the best gaming mouse you can buy.

Hands Down, this is the nicest mouse i have ever used. Quite a statement for me to open on, but frankly it’s true.

Customisation is a key feature of the Ouroboros, you can customise the shape of the mouse so that it perfectly fits your hand, you can adjust the height of the palm rest to suit how you hold the mouse and you can even choose whether to have the side fins (Slotted on via magnetic panels on the side of the mouse) on or not (personally, i prefer them on). Using the Razer Synapse Software you can customise every button on the mouse to how you want it and set up profiles for individual games (which you can switch on the fly).

Also on the customisation front, you can choose whether you want the mouse to be wired or wireless, there is probably some loss of accuracy with wireless but with my tests across various games (Starcraft 2, Borderlands: Pre Sequel, Battlefield 4 to name a few) i would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a wired and a wireless response time. If you choose to go wireless the battery (a rechargeable AA Battery) will last you in the region of 12 hours before needing to go back on charge via the supplied cradle.


The mouse is incredibly responsive too(the DPI Setting can go all the way up to 8200 – although who uses that i’ll never know, it’s way too fast!) which helps in fast paced twitch reaction games and it never feels like you’re fighting against the mouse.

The mouse holds up well with extended gaming sessions and is still as comfortable to use after several hours.

It’s a great looking piece of kit, with the fins on it makes me think it’s some kind of futuristic space battleship (especially when it’s glowing green).

The weight of the mouse is absolutely spot on, it’s not too light that you’ll be flinging it round your desk and it’s not too heavy that you’ll struggle to move it, there’s no adjustable weight as seemed to be a thing in PC Gaming Mice a couple of years ago, but it isn’t something you’ll worry about as the weight of the mouse is perfect as it is.

In the Razer Synapse software there is an option to calibrate the mouse to your surface, i’d advise that you do it as you’ll find the mouse responds a lot better if you do (however, you’ll not suffer too much if you choose not to).

It’s been hard for me to find a negative with the mouse but really all i kept coming back to was the Price. I fully believe that the mouse is worth the money that Razer are asking for it, however, i can see why people wouldn’t pay that much for a mouse. I know that i wouldn’t but this mouse is the one that could sway me into dropping that kind of money on a mouse and by god it would be worth every penny. Just prior to writing this review, i had to send the mouse back to Razer and i certainly miss having it.

Computers N Stuff will launch it’s PC Gaming Peripherals Buyers Guide in the next couple of weeks. Check back to see whether the Razer Ouroboros makes the list.


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Barry is the owner of Computers N Stuff. When not writing about games he can be found glowing radioactive and spending time with his son who he is trying to brainwash into games.

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