Nintendo Switch


Apparently, a group of hackers have hacked into the Nintendo Switch’s OS or operating system known as the kernel, they have announced it over social media. Now, everything gets hacked all the time take the original Xbox it’s now known to being one of most hacked consoles of all time, but a console early in its life cycle like the Switch has some people concerned.

When a hacker hacks into the OS of a device they can tamper with system and wright up new custom apps for it, much like how someone tampers with a phone. They could display anything they want on it or, for an example, make their location be out in the ocean somewhere even though they’re in their living room.

You’re probably thinking that the hackers are dumb for announcing such a discovery on social media, but they really are taking advantage of something it’s not just the Switch. Back in December 5th of last year, Nintendo knew that some hackers would mess with their new console so they were a step ahead. They announced HackerOne which just basically is any hacker who finds any bug or glitch for the 3DS or the Nintendo Switch will be rewarded the sum of 100 USD to 20,000 USD varying on how big the problem is.

Well, better to be hacked and know about it then not knowing it at all. The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd, 2017.


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