Sonic Adventure Collection coming to 360/PS3?

Peg this under rumour for now but a Well trusted source of us here at Computers N Stuff has shared a little bit of gossip with us today – Sega are in the process of porting Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 to the 360/PS3 to be released as “Sonic Adventure Collection”.

Our source tells us that the game will be identical to the GameCube versions (which begs the question – why isn’t it being ported to the Wii with Waggle controls?), and the game will not be shown at Leipzig next week, but our source expects the game to be announced later in the year once Chronicles and Unleashed are released, with a release pegged in for next spring around the time Black Knight hits the Wii.

Sega were not available for comment at time of writing.

Stay tuned for more Sega Stupidity.

cool my broter alwas wanted sonic adventure now we are going to buy it

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