Rumour – Microsoft dropping Points by end of year

Sources inside Redmond have revealed that Microsoft is looking to kill off their virtual currency system by the end of the year.

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Ubisoft tone down PC DRM **UPDATED**

Rumours, coupled with some screen shots as dubious proof, are coming from Reddit (via PCGamer) that Ubisoft may have relaxed some of the DRM restrictions on their PC games. A trip into one of 2010’s least desirable moments after the cut… Update Shacknews have official confirmation from Ubisoft that Assassin’s Creed 2 and Splinter Cell […]

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Under Siege – IW raided by Activision, heads rolling

Infinity Ward, the gurus behind the good (or ‘sorta alright’, depending who you ask) parts of the Call of Duty series, have been raided by their slave paymasters at Activision. Reports state that security guards were posted at the entrance to the offices, el-presidente’s for life Zampella & West have been sacked for ‘breaches of […]


New U(I) – Valve Beta test revamped Steam interface

We all love Steam… Too a PC gamer, its the electromagical love-child of a best friend (because everyone else hates us because we’re apparently evil pirate ninja cowboys) and that nice local storekeeper who used to give you lollies when you were younger (yes, him – no, not his bitch wife who actually hated the […]

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Rumour Mill: Guybrush Threepwood coming to XBLA

GamerBytes elite ratings spies have picked up on a USK listing for The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition! …? Wait, you were expecting more?  That’s pretty much it at the moment, but it could be either an Xbox Live Arcade release or a full retail release (possibly cross-platform), possibly with HD graphics and/or […]

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Woss does it again: Fable III unofficially official… unofficially!

In what could be considered a characteristically common move, Johnathan Ross has once again said something he probably shouldn’t have.  The loud-mouthed chatshow host (and avid gamer) has frequently let slip potentially litigious banter through several Web 2.0 outlets. Whilst participating in a bit of post-BAFTA Twittering, the chatterbox star let slip something he ‘probably’ […]


F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Stuff – EPA Trailer & Demo Rumours

In light of the continued absence of a sequel to one of Monolith Productions first games – Shogo M.A.D. – it seems we will all just have too make do with the upcoming sequel to the 2005 hit F.E.A.R. The new trailer released at CES focuses on the EPA (which presumably means ‘Enhanced Power Armour’ […]

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Sonic Adventure Collection coming to 360/PS3?

Peg this under rumour for now but a Well trusted source of us here at Computers N Stuff has shared a little bit of gossip with us today – Sega are in the process of porting Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 to the 360/PS3 to be released as “Sonic Adventure Collection”. Our source tells us […]