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Live Arcade Review: Braid
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Live Arcade Review: Braid

by BarrySeptember 29, 2008

A Better Late than Never Review of Braid!

Game Title: Braid
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Jonathan Blow
Format: XBOX Live Arcade
Price: 1200 Points.

Braid quite simply is a work of Art. From it’s lovingly crafted visuals right down to how you play the game, you know it is something special from the moment you first boot the game up.

You’d be forgiven for thinking at first glance that it is “Just another Platformer” but really it isn’t. The Unique Selling Point of Braid is the control of time and the way that each level requires you to quite skilfully use that ability.

At times it is quite ingenious and hair pulling frustrating – such as the area where when you move forward time is sped up and if you walk backwards time is reversed, meaning any enemies you kill in the room come right back to life. It leads to some very frustrating puzzles, but really none of them are impossible, it just requires you to think. Then it all clicks into place and you’ll hit yourself for being so stupid!

My one gripe would be that the story is a bit out of the way, in that you can skip it all, but to do so would be to miss some quite beautiful writing.

Braid is well worth the inflated 1200 points Price tag – you will not be disappointed.

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