CNS 2008 Round-up mega-fun list-o-tron-o-matic

Lists are FUN!Everyone loves lists (how else can we explain the continued existence of Digg?).

Join me, fellow list-o-fans, as Computers N Stuff rounds up all the gaming-related pointless lists, countdowns and round-ups that tend to pollute the net around this time of year like a chemical factory foreman with a severely broken moral compass (well, it sounded good in my mind).

GamesRadar – The Worst Box Art of 2008
Everyone hates shitty box art (cue the NES Mega Man example), so GamesRadar decided to name and shame the worst offenders.  Strange how most of them are for the Wii or DS – could it be because they are platforms polluted by commercial low-budget trash?  Nah…  can’t be! – The 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008
Quite a subjective one too be honest, but any list that happily slates a first-party Nintendo game gets my vote.

GamesRadar  – The Top 7 prettiest games of 2008
If shiny graphics are your thing, check this out for a list of nice looking games to help you justify your expensive console/graphics to your contemporaries/significant other.

GamesRadar – The Top 7 games you won’t get too till 2009
Having trouble with that backlog of games caused by your WoW addiction?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

*sigh* GamesRadar – 2008 sucked compared to 2007
2007 was a hard act to follow.  GamesRadar explains why 2008 didn’t have a chance.

OMG Nintendo – OMGNintendo’s Top 10 DS games of ’08
Alicia Ashby
(?) lists her top 10 DS games – Chrono Trigger DS is #1, so it’s automatically the best list in the world, EVER.

Fidget – The top 10 games of 2008
Bit of a strange one this… I wouldn’t class a single game in the list bar Fallout 3 and (at a pinch) Far Cry 2 worthwhile of any sort of award, as critically flawed as each was, but that’s my opinion.

G4TV – X-Play GOTY Awards 2008
Video-awards that almost lost out on a mention due to having a ‘Best DLC’ award (what a horrible idea – hows about calling it ‘Best monetization of content we should have given away free’ award?)

Gamasutra – Top-5 Gameplay Mechanics
It mentions Left 4 Dead & ‘suggestive waggle-based sword recharging’, ergo gets a thumbs up from me.

Gamasutra – Developer Top Deck 2008
Chronicling the Trailblazers (!), Abassadors (!!), Entrepreneurs (!!!) & Progressives (?!) of gaming using everyone’s favourite desk of cards analogy.  Rumour has it that John Riccitiello was short-listed for another set of cards.

Torrentfreak – Top 10 Most Pirated Games of 2008
You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability – Best of 2008: Top 5 Wii Games
More waggle-based sword recharging! – Best of 2008: Top 5 Xbox 360 Games
Includes 2 sequels and a remake!  Sums up 2008 really! – Worst of 2008 – or Stuff you don’t want under your Christmas tree this year
Heh, I’d never heard of the HiPhone, but now I wish I hadn’t.  Also…  HD DVD!!! – The Best Gaming Moments of 2008
Bit-Tech editors pick and choose their highlights of the year.

Gamasutra – Best Of 2008: Top 5 PC Games
I whole-heartedly agree.

UGO – The Worst Heartbreaks in Videogames 2008
Not a great list too be honest, but it keeps it balanced.

I’ll be adding to the list as regularly as I can be bothered too, so keep watching this space for hopelessly pointless lists about nothing much.

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