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Barry had a little lamb – new addition to the CNS stable

Go on... Laugh!There’s been a reason why you have been stuck with me, Andrew, for what seems like an eternity now and that’s because Barry only went and conducted a field test too see if his sperms had been damaged by deadly radiation.

Lots of things happened that many of you won’t understand and now he has a son called Jason.  Mother & child are doing fine.  I would say the father is too, but you know, it’s Barry!

Word is that the infant will be introduced to the concept of m+kb from an early stage and the stereotypical rattle will be substituted for a SIXAXIS controller.

I would post a picture or two, but I don’t have any, so after the break are some cute pictures of bunnies and kittens to fill for time.

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The following quote was discovered by our Bothan spies (many of which died to bring it too us) in the field…

AssassiN wrote:

We called him Jason.
After the original Red Power Ranger of course.

Poor kid…



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