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Diesel Power: Riddick Dark Athena Intro
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Diesel Power: Riddick Dark Athena Intro

by Andrew BryantJanuary 22, 2009

Lets do coke!!!Escape from Butcher Bay was really a diamond in the rough – a first person shooter on consoles that did something different from day one & serves nicely as an example of a tie-in game that was a) completely unrelated to its companion movie and b) significantly better than said motion picture too boot!

Originally released for the Xbox, it was nicely ported to the PC in the expanded form of a Developer Cut (which included a groundbreaking commentary setup since adopted by big names like Valve). It never made it to the current generation consoles due to various technical issues with the shonky backwards compatibility mode of the 360.

As a result, Starbreeze cut their losses and re-developed the game from the ground up with an additional mini expansion in the form of ‘Assault on Dark Athena’.  Since the Actizzard hoohah and the games subsequent rescue by Atari, the Athena campaign has now developed into the meat of the game, with all engine & gameplay improvements back-ported into Butcher Bay, which will be included as a bonus.

How nice of them…

Read on for exclusive G4 footage of the first 4 minutes of the new Dark Athena chapter and a good look at the refined engine powering the new release.

Thanks D-toid.

Brilliant graphics and design – Check

Cheesy monologue – Check

Riddick being his usual filthy theiving self (and we love him for it) – Double Check!

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