BOINK! – TF2 Scout Pack Imminent

Cosplay?  *rolleyes*A post on Valve’s official TF2 Blog has confirmed that the latest content pack, focusing on the Scout, is done, dusted and ready to roll. 

It will be released following the imminent patch (which may have already been released) that solves a plethora of issues and provides SteamCloud integration for achievements and upgrades, allowing mobile TF2-ing for all.

No word about whether the Scout pack will be integrated into the massive Xbox 360 update.

Quotes after the cut…

We’re just about done with the Scout pack, and our design and coding has already moved on to the next pack.

The weapons and achievements are all nailed down, and we just have to finish up the final artwork on them.

We like to do the final art as late as possible to ensure that we don’t waste any work, which turned out to be a good decision this time around due to the large number of unlockables we tried out as alternatives to the Scattergun.

Balancing his replacement weapon has been very tricky due to large threat difference of the Scout between skilled and non-skilled hands.

More on that soon.

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