Glory Days – Classic LEC Boxart converted to poster form

Ahh, the Good Ol' Days


I’m sorry, unless you’ve played at least one of the many SCUMM adventures from LucasArts (whether via the original disks, way back then, or SCUMMVM), you’re not a true gamer…

Unfortunately, that’s a debate another time…  For now, lets make do with the fact that some enterprising chap on LucasForums has spent a large amount of time restoring the artwork of greats such as Purcell, Eaken & Chan and converting them into cromulant posters of mega-hugeness™.  Find them here.

This news comes on the eve of word that the Wii version of the latest Indiana Jones adventure, The Staff of Kings, will include the classic Fate of Atlantis as an unlockable bonus.

Thanks Joystiq (on both counts).

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