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Holy Good Looking Trailers: Arkham Asylum ‘Breakout’ Trailer
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Holy Good Looking Trailers: Arkham Asylum ‘Breakout’ Trailer

by Andrew BryantFebruary 1, 2009

Unlockable Content?Everyone has seen at least one Batman film – whether it’s one of the recent cinematic masterpieces by Chris Nolan, the malkavian eccentricity of Tim Burton’s efforts, the 60’s kitsch of the original movie or that shit that Joel Schumacher churned out.

Whilst all the focus has often been on these celluloid adaptions (and too a lesser extent, their animated counterparts), the media tends to ignore the comics that started it.  Rocksteady Studios, EIDOS & WBIE are looking to redress this balance with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game that looks to be a combination of Resident Evil 4/5, Condemned and Splinter Cell.

One too watch out for then!  The latest trailer is after the cut…

[gametrailers 44909]

It’s great to see the true concept of Batman being explored finally in a game – the fact that he is a detective first and a vigilante crime fighter last, when all other options have been exhausted.  Nolan’s films successfully recaptured the fear factor of Batman, but they still portrayed the character solely as the romantic-but-damaged superhero with the playboy alter-ego.

To basically be given free reign to transplant the (unfortunately) lesser-known ‘style’ of Batman onto gameplay that represents his true calling (skulking in the dark, taking his foes apart piece by piece), Rocksteady have the opportunity to really show a new audience what the character is really about.

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