One of the Good Guys – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO and TT Games (nee Traveller’s Tales) have unveiled an epic trailer of most epic proportions for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at Gamescom. Building on the recent improvements to the series (face it, LEGO Indy 2 and LEGO Pirates of…

Metroplexing – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Through the Matrix Trailer

Back when Generation 1 was just ‘The Transformers’, the ultimate sign of a child’s cred was what Transformers they owned. If you owned Metroplex, you were often king of the playground. Well, until some little sh*t came over and smashed it. These…

Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed Announced

Sega have announced a sequel to Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, called Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed. The apparent new feature is that the vehicles now, er, transform into planes/boats. Vyse from Skies of Arcadia has been confirmed…

Redeemed: Modern Warfare 3 ‘Redemption’ Single Player trailer

Infinity Ward + Sledgehammer Games + Shooty Bangs + Hans Zimmer + Baysplosions + Executions + Destruction + Eiffel Tower (with holes) + Combat Beards + CoD Elite = Modern Warfare 3.

Eyebernetic Organism – Deus Ex Transhumanism Documentary is good

To promote their recently-released Interactive Transhumanism Documentary (as if they haven’t been doing that enough already), Squeenix commissioned a documentary investigating ‘real’ transhumanism.

It’s good!

Ice to see you! – Mr. Freeze in Arkham City, PC-specific detail.

Another week, another bad guy is added to Arkham City…

Marines… FROM SPACE! – 40k Space Marine trailer

Relic have released another trailer for their upcoming 40k third-person Astartes-em-up, Space Marine.

It features War, Waagh and War Machines…

Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘Live Action’ Trailer

There’s a new Deus Ex ‘Live Action’ trailer out, featuring real live people with real err… unlive robot parts.

Unlike last time, when Sarif Industries set out offering their roboware to enhance our piano-playing, football-throwing lives, this footage is your typical guerilla propaganda footage from ‘Purity First’.

E3 2011 – Hitman? Absolut(ion)ly!

Hitman: Absolution (or Hitman: Subtitle as the meme goes) is coming. With their attention (hopefully) firmly off those silly Kane & Lynch boys, IO Interactive can now return to focus on the one thing they seem to do very well…

E3 2011 – Me*biff*Owww – Batman: Arkham City to feature playable Catwoman

When writing the title for this post, I was torn between ‘Pussy Galore’ and ‘Nine Lives’. I settled on the above because it involves Catwoman punching (and kissing) ugly sweaty clowns. What, do I need a better reason?