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“Are you man enough to fight with me?” – SF4 Japanese Intro released

Street Fighter IVEveryone remembers the Street Fighter 2 intro…

Basically, it was two average joes have a boxing match in the middle of the street before the view pans up a massive skyscraper, revealing the Street Fighter logo.  It was a ordinary and benign introduction to the absurdity that existed under the hood, what with the rubber armed yoga specialists, high-leaping sumo wrestlers and hadoukens.

Things have definitely progressed in the 17 years since then and Capcom have now released the full console introduction cinematic for everyones perusal.  Featuring 3:15 of footage gleamed from the various ink versus trailers released over the past few months, the full jalopy is after the cut.

[gametrailers 45176]

It seems to be two intros in one – first a 1:30 J-Pop effort, no doubt sung by some effeminate adolescent who waived his fee in order to get a part in the game which swiftly segues into what I deem the true intro – old-skool synth music, fast cuts and lots of action.

I won’t call it, but I think the US/EU intro will start at 1:30, which I suggest you do too!

Still unsure about the game?  Check out GameTrailers preview below…

[gametrailers 44750]

We’re excited!

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