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Wii Wises (in price) – UK Economy = Sad Face carries the unfortunate news that Nintendo are too raise the trade price for the Wii in the UK to the order of £18-20 (from its current RRP of £179.99), despite the console making a profit from day one and selling more boxes than, well, boxes of boxes!

The excuse?  The collapsing value of the pound, which was (probably) ruined by all those Americans who took up mortgages on $300,000 houses despite working in McD’s.

What this means for the Wii @ Wii-tail is unknown, seeing as supermarkets tend to absorb most price rises to generate sales and the high-street brands are slowly bring their retail sales into parity with their internet sales following wholesale mispricing.

It also means that if the Wii (officially i.e. eBay whoring not include) breaches £200, it will be more expensive in certain outlets than the top-spec Xbox 360 – the Elite – which can be had from places such as GAME for £199.99 (with that price including a game, not just a family-oriented tech demo).

Watch this space!

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