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Lego Rock Band Announced – First Screens

legorbWarner Bros have announced Lego Rock Band for 360, PS3, Wii and DS.

The game aims to be a “family friendly” take on Rock Band and of course, is full of little lego characters and oozing with charm.  The game will feature lots of customisation as you would expect from Lego and promises humour too.

The songs announced so far are:

Blur: “Song 2”
Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
Europe: “The Final Countdown”
Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
Pink: “So What”

“LEGO Rock Band combines two compelling properties and creates an experience that family members of all ages will enjoy playing together as a group,” said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “Harmonix and MTV Games are the world experts in music gameplay, and we’re genuinely thrilled to bring the unique and humour-filled LEGO experience to their Rock Band universe.”

“We’re thrilled to offer another LEGO branded gaming experience that will deliver humorous and social play for families and friends,” said Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Vice President, the LEGO Group. “LEGO Rock Band is built around the same values of imagination and family-friendly creative role play that is present in other LEGO videogames. It will deliver innovative new elements of game play that complement the fun of the Rock Band experience.”

“Rock Band is a social game experience that crosses every generation and every genre of rock,” said Bob Picunko, Senior Vice President of Electronic Games for MTV Games. “Harmonix and MTV Games are big fans of the LEGO game franchise and excited to work with TT Games to develop a new take on Rock Band that focuses on great music and LEGO humour that’s fun for the whole family.”

Lego Rock Band will hit 360, PS3, Wii and DS later this year. No word yet on if there are any lego themed instruments (although if we can’t build our own out of real Lego bricks, i’ll be disappointed – Andrew).

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