“Thanks fer standin’ still, wanker!” : TF2 Sniper Update

"You'd best keep lyin' down."

Hot on the heels of the Scout & Heavy updates, themselves not inconsiderable, comes the latest TF2 update, this time catering for everyones long-range homicidal maniac.

Valve are selling this update as the biggest yet, including…

multiple new maps and a bunch of gameplay tweaks

Not much more information yet, but there is word that this update will be preceeded by at least one cross-class update that will bring new content to all classes (which most of the internet prophets will no-doubt consider to be the absent grenades).

There’s also official word about why there’s still no sign of any content updates for the Xbox 360 –

The original version of TF2 in the Orange Box was very close to the XBox’s memory limit, and all the additional TF2 content we’ve produced has pushed well beyond it. We’ve found a couple of nifty ways to get back a bunch of that memory, but it’s turned out to be a lot of work, and that’s what most of our time is being spent on.

There will be a fix out shortly to counter some server exploits.

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By Andrew Bryant

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