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THQ publishes Blood Bowl – in other news, bear shits in wood!

CAUTION: DO NOT CATCH WITH BARE HANDSSeriously, [THQ] have published everything else Games Workshop for the past five years so it’s hardly unsurprising that they are bringing the English version of everyone’s favourite game of fantasy football with added violence to UK retail and online stores in the form of a tangible release.

The game has been on retail shelves in France, Spain, Germany and a few other retail shelves since mid-june (likely due to licensing) but British gamers have been restricted to a digital download direct from Cyanide for a frankly absurd amount of money.

The game lands for PC, DS & PSP on the 18th of September.  The Xbox release will ‘follow shortly’.

Press release down below…

Blood Bowl, the brutal game of Fantasy Football set in Games Workshop’s  Warhammer Fantasy universe is coming to the UK, with PC, PSP and DS versions touching down on September 18th and an Xbox 360 release to follow at a later date.

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