Because @thezombiecow sumbliminally told us too post this…

Zombie Cow on Steam

RT @thezombiecow: TGP and BTDT are now available through Steam  …. yay!

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On a related note, I (Andrew) was intending to review Time Gentlemen, Please.

But, because I don’t believe in committing 10/10 reviews too paper & the game is so very very nearly 100% perfect (I suppose there may be a complaint about it being forced too run in a window), you have my official CNS word that the game is 100 million percent worth your peasant money (yes, YOU, the one with the face)!

Buy TGP now and buy Dan Marshall some new underwear!  Ben Ward would also like a new Jagwar…  BECAUSE @thezombiecow says so!!!

By Andrew Bryant

The resident PC elitist fanatic enthusiast, Andrew’s grim outlook on the industry provides CNS with a hefty dollop of its news content. Oh, and he has managed to convince Barry to let him review stuff too!

Hilarity ensues!

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