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Tali-Ode : Mass Effect 2 character trailer
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Tali-Ode : Mass Effect 2 character trailer

by Andrew BryantNovember 28, 2009

She hates him...

She was one of the better characters in the original game, even though she was often stuck in the background (also, no media attention was given too her because she wasn’t a psychotic toad or sex option).

Essentially a child forced into a dangerous quest by her culture, Tali offered a sheltered yet insightful view of the outside universe Bioware had concocted that offered a nice counterpoint to humanities headstrong bull charge into the fray.  She was also a capable tech-type, although Andrew Shepard (infiltrator extraordinare) was better *smug*

She’s back in the sequel and is the subject of the next character bio video, after the cut.

[gametrailers 59491]

Oh, and here’s the Adept class – swishy whoosh effects are always better than point-click-fwoosh of the original!

[gametrailers 59489]

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