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Sonic 4 official – fanbase wees self.

Project Needlemouse has been revealed and it’s cleverly titled ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4’

What we do know:

  • It’s console bound (all 3 main platforms, with motion control for Wii & PS3 via SIXAXIS)
  • It’s 2D
  • It’s *the* official sequel to Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles
  • Green Hill Zone features (incl. Mobius Loops)
  • It’s episodic
  • Sonic is the only playable character
  • Online Leaderboards

What we don’t know:

  • How big the episodes will be?
  • Will any of Sonic’s ‘pals’ feature?
  • Will it be any good?!

The game is due during that barren gaming season we refer to as ‘the summer’ – Trailer below.

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