Portal 2 outed – In other news, Cake Lie still popular meme

Valve have been teasing us with an ARG since releasing mysterious new updates to their fantastic 2007 FPP (that’s First Person Puzzler for you in the back who arrived late – yes, I saw you come in) last month.

Mysterious Transmissions…  Party Escort Submission Positions…  BSODs during GDC presentations…

What could it mean?

Well, it was always blatantly Portal 2, especially since GameInformers exclusive preview hit subscribers and then mysteriously leaked to the internet…

Days later, Valve officially announced the game, pegging it for simultaneous release at Christmas 2010 on PC, Xbox 360 and (as part of their new Mac gaming initiative) Mac.

We know the main game still features GLaDOS and Chell, there will be a co-op mode featuring two new characters and there’s a new gameplay feature built around paint.

More as we officially hear it (because copying stuff off the Wikipedia is bad form).

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