Formula Vroom – F1 2010 Developer Diary

Codemasters have released the first of [insert number here] development diary videos for their upcoming ‘simu-cade’ of the top level of motorsport.

Following on from F1 2009 (last years PSP/Wii game) F1 2010 signifies the first official F1 game on a Playstation since 2007, a PC since Grand Prix 4 in 2002 (ah, memories) and an Xbox since, well, ever!

Codemasters are behind the wheel (*snort*) this time – jump the waist-high turnstyle that is the cut and see what the developers have to say…

Thanks BigDownload

Up-to-date drivers, teams and tracks + developers who have worked on proper hardcore sims such as Grand Prix 3 + Codemasters eclectic mix of pure arcade fun and gritty simulated realism + the GRID/DiRT 2 Ego engine?

It can only be good!

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