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…and Beyond? – BioShock Infinite Gameplay Footage
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…and Beyond? – BioShock Infinite Gameplay Footage

by Andrew BryantSeptember 22, 2010

A generous ten minutes of stunning BioShock Infinite gameplay footage, most of which may or may not have appeared at various games conferences around the world, has finally crept onto the net.

Steampunk, sky-rails, robotic horses, magical powers, unpredictable weather patterns & much, much carnage after the cut!

[gametrailers 704931]

Cutting to the chase, yes, it’s heavily scripted, but we’ve no real idea if this is actually how the game is to pan out or whether it’s a special construct for promotional purposes.  If it really is the first, actual 10 minutes of the game, then it all seems incredibly frentic, even more-so than BioShock’s shock opener.

Criticism aside, it’s hard not to be impressed by the level of detail, fluid-motion and interactivity in the game.  Little nuances, including telekinesis being used to disarm an opponent before turning his weapon on him, Elizabeth’s nose-bleeds, the collapsing bridge and fighting on the Skylines.

If Irrational’s promise of dynamic combat involving the transport system and AI similar to Valve’s Director driving Elizabeth, BioShock Infinite could be fantastically special.

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