Codemaster’s F1 2010 hitting shelves… (on console anyway)

Codemasters’ video entertainment product of the world of the #1 Formula twenty-ten, where very brave/very rich/very arrogant (delete as applicable) men drive very fast cars very fast, releases this week.  Heck, if you’re a citizen or visitor of a specific ex-British colony, you may already have it.

If you have one of those new-fangled DirectXbox 360o‘s or Playing Station 3’s, you can pop down to your local computer game retail convenience and participate in a it for the appropriate sum of hard-earned cash/moolah/wonga (delete as applicable).  If you happen to conduct your computation entertainment processes on your beige/black/windowed personal computer, you can’t, for reasons of the economic kind.  Virtual outlets for your goods are, however, available!

Unless you pre-ordered, then you’ll get a box anyway…

Eurogamer.net carries some quotes from the Codemasters (or possibly a spokesperson of theirs) which explains [the decision] as…

“UK specific and appropriate to market observations of boxed versus digital distribution of PC titles, and it follows the game’s US release, which is exclusively digital on PC”

Reading around the quote, this conclusion can presumably be traced to the recent decision(s) by various other publishers (notably EIDOS/Beautiful Games Studios, who have cancelled all further PC-only releases of Championship Manager) and the reports by the US NPD Group, who are now reporting that digital sales in 2010 have completely outpaced the previously-gospel retail figures for PC game purchases.

Or it could be that they just want a much larger piece of the pie (coupled with longer-term residuals) afforded by the digital distribution market.

Regardless, here’s the launch trailer, with added Chasin’ Status…

[gametrailers 704927]

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