GT5 ‘Gamestop’ Box Art revealed – YOU WILL NEVER OWN THIS (allegedly)!

Now that Duke4Ever is back from the dead and actually being released, I guess if you look up ‘Slippage’ or ‘Feature Creep’ in my Virtual Dictionary of Wit (itself fictitious, I assure you), it’s now been replaced by a picture of Gran Turismo 5.

Anyway, at a recent Gamestop management event, the lucky suits got a free copy of GT5 to go with their free coffee and biscuits.

Of course, the game isn’t actually finished, so they just got a DVD case, but at least it was a case signed by both Kazunori Yamauchi and some guy called Joey Logano (apparently he drives cars in circles).

[nggallery id=45]

Whilst it’s pretty much a given that the signatures and the Gamestop branding will be missing from the final product, the back cover could very well be what you pick up on store shelves (well, unless they decide to add the rumoured Formula 1 championship, 4D rendering & blimp-racing to the feature list).

That said, I expect several of these to end up on eBay shortly.

Source – GTPlanet (via CVG)

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