‘Should have bet on Duke…’ – Duke Nukem Forever actually to be finished, released!

Seriously…  Not 2-3 months ago, placing money on Duke4Ever actually being released could have probably netted you a large amount of money!

Anyway, Duke’s back, Gearbox are in the driving seat and there’s a provisional multi-platform release date of ‘Early 2011’.

Boobs, bombs and bitching badassery seems to be the order of the day (as it should), with Duke facing off against the usual collection of paranormal and mutated enemies with a selection of firepower and a truck with the Duke Nukem symbol on the back.

Still not convinced? You can also pee in urinals and there are twins dressed as school girls.


Shaky cam footage from PAX after the cut…

[gametrailers 704001]

[gametrailers 704013]

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