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LOVEFiLM on PS3 Review

It’s not often we review a service, but seen as this is the closest we’ll get to Netflix over here we thought we’d give it a look – is it any good?

The LoveFilm service is a free download from the XMB on your Playstation 3. However it requires a subscription to use (Minimum of £5.99 a month) and it’ll allow you to get discs too if you so desire.

The first comparison everyone makes (and i even made it in the short text) is with Netflix in the US & Canada. If you’re going in to this expecting that you will be very sorely disappointed.

Upon firing up the service, you are greeted with a screen allowing you to stream movies or you can pick discs to rent too. The list of titles to stream is quite good, but likely due to licensing agreements not everything is streamable. For example quite a lot of the most recent releases weren’t streamable.

Once you select the film you want to stream, it (and this obviously is dependent on your broadband speed) starts pretty much instantly. Quality is about on a par with a DVD (there’s no HD at time of writing, so Zune wins there) and is good enough.

If you are wanting to rent Blu-Rays then subscribe away, but if you’re wanting to just watch the odd film here and there via streaming, you’re better off sticking to the PSN Video Store. It’s certainly not worth subscribing to the service just for Streaming in it’s current state – once they add more films and add HD quality then it would be a very worthwhile service.

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