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PSN Update – Your Details may have been compromised
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PSN Update – Your Details may have been compromised

by BarryApril 26, 2011

Sony have provided an update on the now 7 day outage of the Playstation Network which has been down due to an external intrusion into the system. In their latest update they have said it is likely that personal information (such as name and address and purchase history) has been compromised as well as Credit Card information if you’ve kept it on the system for purchases.

This is nothing short of a terrible piece of PR for Sony, in previous updates over the past 7 days they’ve said that they are “rebuilding the PSN servers from the ground up” which implied there was more than was being said.

There is still no ETA on when the PSN will be back up fully (some services will be restored within a week), but in the meantime keep a close watch on your bank accounts for any fraudulent activity.

We’ll have more updates on this as and when we get them.


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