E3 2011 – Tomb Raider ‘Debut Trailer’ **UPDATED**

Someone clearly has it in for Lara Croft…

Not only is she being constantly harrassed by treasure hunters, mercenaries, evil Incan Gods and a plethora of endangered wildlife (granted, the latter often because she has just brutally gunned down their young), but she’s had more ‘reboots’ than the average Windows Mobile device.

The focus this time is survival rather than gunplay, with Lara marooned in a distant location, forced to survive on her wits, a bow and arrow and a lot of grit alone.

The ‘debut trailer’ is after the cut…


As is some gameplay footage!

The Legend/Underworld arc was damaged by the poorly timed Anniversary remake, sapping resources & delaying Underworld’s release, so rather than fix it, the suits have decided that we need to go back to the start *again*.

This time, Crystal Dynamics have thrown everything we know about Lara in the bin and burnt it – no more plane crash in the Himalayas, no more rich aristocratic background, no more DDD boobs…  This is *real* Lara in a *real* environment with *real* danger.

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