Driver: San Fran PC Clusterf*ck – No Demo, DRM, Delays

Hot on the heels of confirmation of there being no planned PC demo and the presence of their malignant ‘Online Services’ platform, Ubisoft have now pushed the PC release back by a month, despite promising a true cross-platform release. The Mac OS release has also gone ‘TBA’.

Whilst this is nothing new for Ubisoft, one can’t help but wonder why, what with nearly every corporate decision they seem to be making being an unmitigated PR disaster.

Still, at one point seemed to have seen the light, releasing R.U.S.E. with Steamworks, removing the harshest elements of the DRM from Assassin’s Creed 2 & Splinter Cell: Conviction and releasing Brotherhood with a simple installation activation.They also have their Montreal development team, who are capable of fantastic work.

But I guess it’s back to normal for the French publisher, presumably managed as they are by confused chimps in suits.

The latest in the Driver series is to be released for every platform under the sun sometime in the near future and features some whack Coma Dream story and crappy car physics, if the reports from the Xbox 360 & PS3 demo are to be believed.

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