Ice to see you! – Mr. Freeze in Arkham City, PC-specific detail.

Another week, another bad guy is added to Arkham City…

We already know Bats is going to be face punching The Joker (again), Harley-Quinn (again), The Riddler, Two-Face, The Penguin, Hugo Strange and (possibly) Catwoman. Now he gets to punch Mr. Freeze too!

Unfortunately, Arnold Schwarzenegger has not been contracted for the role, which falls to one Maurice LaMarche (aka. Kiff from Futurama, The Brain from Pinky & the Brain).

Watch Bats avoid (or not) freeze rays in the below vid (thanks VG24/7).

RPS also brings us news from the future (well, the October issue of PC Gamer). Rocksteady have confirmed that the PC version of Arkham City will feature DirectX 11 out of the box, bringing box-friendly bullet-points such as hardware tessellation and multi-GPU threading.  This complements the PhysX & 3D support that graced Arkham Asylum.

Yes, the PC is back, kicking ass, taking names but unfortunately not chewing bubblegum. That’s so 90’s.

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  • August 31, 2011
It's "Ice to meet you!" not see you :)

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