Xbox One

Xbox One February & March Updates Detailed

Microsoft have today announced the next two major updates to the Xbox One OS.

The first update to hit on 11th Feb will add the ability to manage the storage space on the Xbox One yourself as opposed to the automatic way that it is handled now.

The My Games and Apps Section will be split into two so you can manage Games and Apps Easier. This also applies to the download queue and you are now apparently able to prioritise the order of the list in this section.

They’ve also added the much requested Battery Power Indicator for the controller as well as USB Keyboard Support. There are also apparently many other little fixes that they aren’t talking about yet.

The Second Update to arrive on 4th March will focus on the Multiplayer side of things and will it seems, fix the issues people are having with the Party system. Just in time for Titanfall.

We’ll have more on the updates as we get them.

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