PS Vita

Football Manager Classic 2014 Review

I’m sure you all know how Football Manager plays by now, this PS vita port is the classic mode from the latest pc release shrunk down for the small screen of the vita.

The classic mode is basically how the game played back in the old championship manager days (I.e it has a lot of the modern features such as team talks and press conferences removed) and is a bit more streamlined than the main mode in the pc release.

So the main question is, how is the port to psvita? The answer is not so clear cut.

My main issues with the port are that the ps vita screen (while gorgeous) is simply too small for the game as it’s presented. All the menu buttons are quite small and as the game is entirely touch screen controlled the buttons are quite fiddly to hit.

Also, Loading times are quite long, to be expected given the hardware in the ps vita and it not having the benefit of a powerful pc behind it. I’d like to think some optimisation could go into this via a future patch, but that remains to be seen.

The best thing about this port is that it is the pure football manager experience on the go and is a fantastic game and once again is another fantastic game for the vita but not one you would think of to port (same with borderlands 2 really) and makes a change from the endless wave of indie games coming to ps vita. The steam save file sync is a good addition as you can start a game on your pc and continue It on the go an then when you return home.

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