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May 28, 2014

Football Manager Classic 2014 Review

I’m sure you all know how Football Manager plays by now, this PS vita port is the classic mode from the latest pc release shrunk down for the small screen of the vita.

The classic mode is basically how the game played back in the old championship manager days (I.e it has a lot of the modern features such as team talks and press conferences removed) and is a bit more streamlined than the main mode in the pc release.

So the main question is, how is the port to psvita? The answer is not so clear cut.

My main issues with the port are that the ps vita screen (while gorgeous) is simply too small for the game as it’s presented. All the menu buttons are quite [...]

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August 23, 2013

One of the Good Guys – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO and TT Games (nee Traveller’s Tales) have unveiled an epic trailer of most epic proportions for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes at Gamescom.

Building on the recent improvements to the series (face it, LEGO Indy 2 and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean weren’t all that), TT Games are incorporating an almost impossible amount of virtual mini-figures into the game – over 100 officially revealed – into a sprawling game that sends up the current Avengers/Marvel run perfectly.

The game releases on basically every platform available and I don’t see how they could possibly mess it up between now and it’s October release date.

It’ll also [...]

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March 18, 2013

Epic Mickey 2 Coming to…Vita!?

In a surprising and somewhat strange move. Disney today announced that Epic Mickey 2 would be ported to the Vita for release later this year.

Given how well (read: Poor) the game performed sales wise on other platforms and the fact that the Vita is hardly the biggest selling machine either, you have to wonder where the market is for this port but still Games are Games. The poor critical and public reception to the game led to the eventual shuttering of Junction Point studios, with no word on who is handling this port or what (if any) Vita exclusive features it’ll have.


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January 17, 2013

In The Stores This Week – 18th January

It’s that usual quiet time of the year where there’s not much coming out. So what better time for me to start a What’s In the Stores This week feature!

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