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Today Capcom, the creators of various titles such as Street Fighter and Phoenix Wright have announced on an online press release that they will enter an agreement with Bandai Namco.

Here is a partial excerpt:

“Capcom Co., Ltd. today announced that it has entered into a cross-licensing agreement with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. related to online matching in properties such as the Street Fighter series.

The purpose of this agreement is to improve the user experience while accelerating the production of titles and reducing development costs for both parties.”

A Cross license agreement basically means that the companies involved won’t have to worry about patents getting in the way of making product or in this case games. But this is an agreement for “Online Matching in Properties such as the Street Fighter series”

This most definitely means or points towards the first step to a new Street Fighter x Tekken. The two companies are known to crossover regularly between games. Like the game mentioned above Street Fighter x Tekken, Project X Zone, even recently with Street Fighter’s Akuma in Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7. The two companies are in what seem to be a healthy business relationship, so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

But what is to be concerned about is that there is no specific date when this announcement will take place. “With this agreement as a starting point, Capcom will continue to explore cross-licensing opportunities in order to safeguard its patents while improving the user experience and contributing to a healthier game industry.”



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