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Final Fantasy 15 1.12 Update

The gorgeous world of Final Fantasy 15 just became a little more accessible for players thanks to a new, upcoming update. The update itself is about 8 Gigabytes, it’s pretty big, but also introduces a new Regalia, and it also is pretty big. The update comes in preparation for the Episode Prompto DLC.

The Regalia Type D is made to travel off-road, no longer is a player forced to get out of their car and run to their destination. A player will have to travel to The Hammerhead mechanic Cindy and request for a remodel for the Regalia. It come with a jump ability, and this way the player could bypass the barricades that are on the roads.

Alongside the car, new music for Episode Prompto will be added.

Final Fantasy 15 was released on November 29th of 2016.

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