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Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Liveblog

We will be Liveblogging the Microsoft E3 Conference later today. Check back for updates later.

Anonymous June 11, 201713:02

Microsoft’s E3 2017 Conference begins at 10pm GMT. Check back for more updates then.

Anonymous June 11, 201720:44

We are just over 15 minutes away from Microsoft’s E3 conference. What are we likely to see?

Anonymous June 11, 201720:49

Scorpio is rumoured to be coming in at under $500, with Geoff Keighley saying $499.

Personally I feel that at that price it’d be Dead on Arrival, but maybe they’ve leaked a higher price so that there’s a surprise when they say it’s $399?
Anonymous June 11, 201721:06

So Xbox One X, November 7 worldwide.

Wonder what the price will be?
Anonymous June 11, 201721:12

Looks like Forza Motorsport 7, looking gorgeous in 4K

Anonymous June 11, 201721:14

Less of the car. More of the games please.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:24

Metro Exodus looking great there.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:25

Assassin’s Creed Origins up next?

Anonymous June 11, 201721:26

Gameplay demo time for Origins. Wouldn’t want to bump into that giant snake at any point.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:30

Play as an Eagle. That’s a new one. Nearly as good as the pigeon in Battlefield 1

Anonymous June 11, 201721:35

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds heading to console. Xbox One exclusive.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:35

For the time being anyway. Seems like it might be a timed exclusive.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:39

State of Decay 2 up now.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:40

I’ve got to commend Microsoft on broadcasting this in 4K really gets across how great some of these games looks.

Also got to commend YouTube for their 4K coverage as well. Absolutely flawless so far.
Anonymous June 11, 201721:42

Bit of guts there. Wasn’t expecting that!

Anonymous June 11, 201721:45

The Darwin project with some mixer interaction features there. Looks interesting.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:46

Minecraft going cross play on pretty much everything.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:48

Minecraft looking strangely gorgeous there.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:50

Dragonball Fighterz ooh

Anonymous June 11, 201721:52

Dragonball Fighters is exactly what I want a Dragonball game to look like.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:53

Black Desert. Meh. Looks pretty though.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:54

Interesting aesthetics on this game here. Reminds me of flashback.

It’s called The last night.
Anonymous June 11, 201721:56

And my stream has froze.

Anonymous June 11, 201721:59

Sea of thieves. If you’re listening Microsoft I’d love my alpha invite. Thanks.

Anonymous June 11, 201722:10

Super Lucky’s tale. Looking great.

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