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by Jacob FloresJune 12, 2017

We will be Liveblogging the Bethesda E3 Conference later today. Check back for updates later

Anonymous June 12, 201703:58

Hello, I am Jacob Flores and we are minutes away from the 2017 Bethesda Conference

Anonymous June 12, 201703:59

For any of you viewing this in the present or future, I welcome you to see my insight as I view the conference live

Anonymous June 12, 201704:00

And it begins now

Anonymous June 12, 201704:03

I think making games and playing things are two different things entirely. Who wants something they love to be work? Shouldn’t they be separate? But if they love it then what does it matter I suppose

Anonymous June 12, 201704:04

Bethesda Land, looks a bit fallout style, introducing Pete

Anonymous June 12, 201704:06

All these great games, what comes next? How do you top this?

Anonymous June 12, 201704:06

Two VR games

Anonymous June 12, 201704:08

The first game looks set in Doom universe

Anonymous June 12, 201704:09

The other game is obviously Fallout 4, It seems to be fully playable

Anonymous June 12, 201704:09

So, Doom VFR and Fallout VR

Anonymous June 12, 201704:11

Now, for the recently released Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion

Anonymous June 12, 201704:13

Introducing Creation Club

Anonymous June 12, 201704:14

Bethesda game studios and individual creators collaborating for the sake of modding, coming out Summer of 2017

Anonymous June 12, 201704:15

Elder Scrolls Legends, the card game revolving around the Elder Scrolls lore

Anonymous June 12, 201704:18

Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch, already known but elaborated here again, it seems that it will have collaborated items? Or maybe it’s just for the sake of the trailer

Anonymous June 12, 201704:20

This September Dishonored DlC, a story of revenge. Death of the Outsider

Anonymous June 12, 201704:21

Professional gamers and Quake.

Anonymous June 12, 201704:28

New game revealed, The Evil Within 2

Anonymous June 12, 201704:29

One final coming attraction

Anonymous June 12, 201704:37

The beginning was a world conquered by Germans, Wolfenstein 2

Anonymous June 12, 201704:39

Everything we have just seen at this E3 will be out within this year, or it is planned to

Anonymous June 12, 201704:40

And with that, the Bethesda E3 has come to a close

Anonymous June 12, 201704:41

I really like that the presentation was centered around Bethesda Land, it brought a sense of connection to each of these games

Anonymous June 12, 201704:42

Though it did seem like the event itself was a bit rushed, and I felt wanting a little bit more from it, perhaps I’m just greedy.

Anonymous June 12, 201704:44

The Quake Champions looks especially promising. The original E Sport revived, and that prize pot looks especially enticing for any players with ambition

Anonymous June 12, 201704:46

Having everything revealed planned for release this year should be a new staple for Bethesda. It worked well when they announced Fallout 4 and it was better that it came out that same year

Anonymous June 12, 201704:49

E3 is not over and we hope to cover all the conferences for this year. I’m Jacob Flores and I hope you enjoyed the Conference as much as I did

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