This morning many UK based PSN accounts have been banned and suspended for online play because of no payment. The issue is that anyone who used PayPal for their account, apparently received a chargeback, a refund from PlayStation and the PlayStation Network.

There are reports that Sony has contacted PayPal, this suggests that the issue is on their sides of things. However, PayPal blames Sony for this instance. The stories are still blurry and will unravel in due time.

This hasn’t been the first time Sony has trouble in securing their PSN. Both in 2014, and more recently 2016 either the PSN was hacked or downed. On one such occasion in 2011, called the worst attack to ever hit a console. On April of the same year, the PSN was targeted with DDOS attack which revealed the personal details of about 70+ million users. It was so terrible that PSN provided ID theft protection for everyone that was involved for a year.

Ever since that day, the reliability between gamers and PSN have been incredibly fragile to say the least.

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