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E3 may be over, but footage keeps trickling out to official company media such as YouTube and the like. But when Sony’s PlayStation showed footage for the upcoming Game Anthem, that’s when fans noticed a strange realization.

At first, fans thought that it was just the same game demo from E3, but just being played on the PlayStation 4 Pro. With a little comparison and detective work, they found out that this Anthem footage was the exact same from E3 with no change.

You would think that’s no big deal, but that footage was being played on the Xbox One X, a competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. There’s evidence that on the trailer that PlayStation released, at the 3:30 minute mark, apparently there’s a clear photoshop job done on the Anthem HUD. It substitutes Xbox controls for PlayStation controls. At the time of this writing, the trailer has been made private, so no can see it.

This has sparked a noise by both fans of the consoles, one side saying that it was an error and the other side saying that the PlayStation Pro can’t compete to the Xbox One X. But in all seriousness, and for all those players that do want to play this game on the Pro, would PlayStation do this out of convenience or all these ridiculers, right?

We are sure to hear a statement from PlayStation later today.

Antehem is set to release on Fall of 2018 for Xbox One X, PlayStation Pro and PC

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