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With the reveal of COD WW2 there was a cheer of approval, a roar of excitement. Finally, the series goes back to its roots. Though it already has in a way and that trend could mean something scary for every game that decides to do a reboot.

Take 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a fine game and it was different from the series at that point, it was a modern first person shooter with then automatic weapons and tools of war. A year later, in 2008, Call of Duty: World at War is released. That Call of Duty didn’t follow the modern war trend but, instead went on the traditional gameplay the series is known for.

Now I know full well that both of these games were made by different, one being made by Infinity Ward and the other being made by Treyarch. Still though, isn’t curious after all those modern, near sci-fi shooters and 9 years later the series is heading back to the second world war? A lot of games are being compared to movies, heck many games are movies now.

So, say games are destined to be just like movies and TV shows. Maybe in another 9 years, after a slush of other games we’ll get another Call of Duty, but it’ll be in the world war 2 setting again. Maybe that’ll repeat itself over and over and over and over again. With each cycle, the magic that was once was will probably not feel so special anymore.

I wouldn’t worry about this since many games do this, it’s practically common. Either it’s an update in graphics or a full-on remake of a game. Yet, something as big as COD doing it, well that’s just it, who knows what will happen since we haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps that is the fate for all our games.

But, if they’re good I’m sure no one would mind.

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